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Discover Artistry with our Abstract Face Shaped Soy Candle.


Elevate your space with our Abstract Face Shaped Soy Candle, a fusion of creativity and elegance. Crafted to resemble an abstract visage, this candle adds a touch of intrigue to your ambiance.

Let the gentle flicker and captivating scents create a serene atmosphere. Hand-poured from eco-friendly soy wax, it's a masterpiece that sparks conversation and brings a unique charm to your surroundings.

Face Soy Candle

    • Material: Premium soy wax
    • Burn Time: Approximately 7 hours
    • Purpose: Adds artistic flair to any space. Ideal for relaxation, creative moments, and as a conversation starter.

    Note: We recommend burning for up to 3 hours at a time to ensure the best performance.

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