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Handcrafted Candles - Where Magic Meets Customization!

Handmade Broken Pieces Jesmonite Candle

Welcome to Bumbi Unique Candles, where candles ignite your senses and transform your space!

Our concept combines four distinctive scents with vibrant colors for an immersive olfactory experience:

Explore Colors: From the calming Green Oasis to the inviting warmth of Amber Gold, each fusion tells a captivating tale.

Customize Your Experience: Unleash your creativity with our "Mix & Match" option! Select your favorite scent and pair it with a color that resonates with your spirit. Create a Bumbi candle as unique as you are!

Illuminate Your Environment: Bumbi's candles do more than just illuminate; they reflect your personal style and taste. Discover our captivating range of candle holders, thoughtfully crafted to complement your chosen color-scent masterpiece. From elegant gradients to mesmerizing patterns, the options are limitless!

Sustainable Luxury: Committed to sustainability, Bumbi utilizes eco-friendly materials in all our creations. Handcrafted with care, our candles offer a clean and enduring burn, while our packaging reflects our planet-conscious ethos.


Discover your perfect candle experience today! 🕯️💚

Our Scetns
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