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Rose and Oud is a sophisticated and luxurious fragrance with a well-balanced blend of floral, woody, and sweet notes, making it a distinctive and elegant choice, especially for winter daytime wear.

Scent profile: Rich/Oriental/Floral


Our candles are expertly poured, using 100% soy wax, guaranteeing a clean and eco-conscious burn that adds to the natural harmony of your surroundings. The wooden wick crackles softly as it burns, mimicking the gentle rustle of leaves in the forest, creating a serene symphony that complements the tranquil ambiance.


Complementing this exceptional experience is our handcrafted, one-of-a-kind candle holder. Crafted with utmost care, no two holders are alike, ensuring that your candle arrangement mirrors the uniqueness of nature.


As you light the candle, the soothing presence of brown soy-scented wax envelops your space, infusing it with the serene aura of a forest retreat. In keeping with our commitment to nature's well-being, our packaging is entirely plastic-free.


Elevate your space with the timeless charm of the "Earth Essence" Collection, and allow the harmonious blend of scent, color, and consciousness to fill your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating embrace of Earth Essence, inspired by the serenity of a woodland hike.


*The  product may differe from the picture!

If you want a specific one, don't hesitate to contact us directly on or leave a note when you check out.

"Heaven in a Bottle" Collection

SKU: 364215375135191
    • Aroma Enchantment: Let the invigorating scent of Oud & Roses transport you to sunlit meadows, infusing your space with vitality and calm. The blend revitalizes your surroundings, creating a sanctuary of rejuvenation.

    • Wooden Wick Harmony: The wooden wick crackles softly, creating an acoustic experience that complements the serene ambiance. Each crackling note is a gentle reminder of the soothing embrace of nature.

    • Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the purity of our 100% soy wax, ensuring a clean burn that resonates with eco-conscious values. This craftsmanship reflects our commitment to sustainability and mindful luxury.

    • Distinctive Candle Holder: Elevate your experience with our one-of-a-kind, handmade candle holder. Crafted with care, each holder carries its own unique charm, enhancing the individuality of your candle setup.

    • Tranquil Aura: Ignite the candle to envelop your surroundings in the soothing presence of white soy scented wax. Embrace the tranquility as the aroma fills your space with serenity.

    Packaging with Purpose: Our plastic-free packaging echoes our dedication to both aesthetics and the environment. It's a reflection of our commitment to nature's well-being.

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